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75秒急速赛车彩票:Dacheng Fund: Imported MSCI Positive Effect Obviously A Shares or Welcome to Better Bounce Window

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内容摘要:AboutBeijing at 5:15 on May morning, MSCI announced the semi-annual results adjusted index constituent stocks, 234 A shares were included in...

Beijing at 5:15 on May morning, MSCI announced the semi-annual results adjusted index constituent stocks, 234 A shares were included in MSCI index system to incorporate factor of 2.5%. MSCI said that the A-shares to be added will account for 1.26% and 0.39% of the weight in the MSCI China Index and the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, respectively. Affected by the first news, the Shanghai Composite Index opened higher on the 15th and related stocks performed.

Dacheng Fund pointed out that the MSCI China A-Share Index (a purely domestic index, similar to CSI 300) was included in the MSCI China Index This index was included in the MSCI Asia Ex-Japan Index, MSCI Emerging Markets The Index, under the MSCI Global Index, leads to the allocation of global index funds. The included June 1 came into effect, we will go into the first of September; Sub-industry perspective, bank, the Bank finance, real estate, food and beverage industries included in a larger number of companies.

Dacheng Fund stated that the positive effects of the first inclusion in the market performance will be more apparent. In the long run, joining the MSCI system will also promote the internationalization of A shares, improve the investor structure, and optimize the investment style.

Dacheng Fund believes that the recent rebound in superior window may appear. This is because, first of all, the macroeconomic policy is relatively favorable. At present, it can be observed that there are obvious adjustments in the concept of monetary policy: from “steady growth, deleveraging, and risk prevention” to “steady growth, structural adjustment, and risk prevention,” the Comprehensively considering the macroeconomic effects of financial regulatory policies and their impact on financial formats and market operations, we will strengthen supervision and coordination and readjustment to "consider comprehensive consideration of changes in macroeconomic operations and strengthen policy coordination." It is clearly stated for the first time that "the growth rate of macro leverage is slowing down. system of internal financial control levers to achieve substantive results. " On inflation, the world's major economies, consumer prices up slightly, but still more than run in the low part agricultural production capacity has been expanded, which are conducive to maintaining stable prices, consumer prices in 2018 is higher than last year's hikes Some, but overall inflationary pressures are controllable. Second, the market is fairly valued, a quarterly corporate earnings proved strong rebound in the second quarter as PPI also expected to continue northward cash flow also expanding into the

investment strategy, Dacheng Fund believes that the high volatility of this market environment Next, the overall strategy is to look for negative factors in the sector's expectations (configuration, valuation, stock prices, market sentiment, etc.), and look for positive factors in the sector's expected lows.





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